Technology applied to agriculture

nowledge of the agricultural field taught by our parents and grandparents, andour passion for technology, define our products.All made with extreme love and eye for detail.

Our philosophy is simple: Ensure to deliver the best products of high quality at competitive prices.

Who is behind

Javier Santana

Javier is a Telecommunications Engineer and founder of Agroguía. If someone knows about the needs of farmers is him.

Laura del Pozo

Telecommunications Engineer and responsible for the client relations. Laura is definitely the most friendly face of AgricGear.

Javier de la Torre

Agricultural Engineering and Bachelor on Environment science. Javier leads the business operations and international relations.

Sergio Alvarez Leiva

Computer Engineer and Product Designer. Sergio spends hours thinking about how to make AgricGear more user friendly, powerful and beautiful.

The “little“ Luna

Travel companion from day one. Doesn’t like to be very warm, while watching that everything goes well.

Media kit

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