Weed and Feed, without foam

Without foam

Forget the foam, Agroguía is designed to work with high working widths. Now you can work at night, on higher grounds or with machines for very high levels where the foam is no longer efficient.

Go where you couldn't go before

Currently, with foam-based systems, it is easy to make a error with irregular parcels, when there is little wind, with very large machines , in areas where you have to cut solenoid, with very high cultivation , etc. and without paid work, where it isn't possible to use markers. With Agroguía, this is over.

But from the moment we started to sell Agroguía many farmers told us about other uses for GPS, applied to agriculture.

More information

If you would like to, you can read more information on our blog: Advantages of GPS in agriculture instead of foam , continue to read about Agroguía or view the features of our Agricultural GPS guidance

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